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Privacy Policy

Collection of Information

  • The information we collect is non-personal and non-identifiable (such as data about how most visitors use the Website).
  • No personal information such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers is collected.
  • All recording of personal voices (Applications only) is stored on the personal device of the user and not in the Application itself.

The Use of Cookies

It is possible that several cookies* will be set on your computer as you or your child visit Math Math Storytime uses the information from cookies to remember site preferences and to improve our visitors' experiences on the Website. No personal information is ever stored in a Math cookie. Math Storytime does not sell information collected by cookies or use the information for commerce-related purposes.

*Cookies are information a web site puts on your computer's hard drive so the site can remember your preferences or the pages visited on that site.

Acceptance of Terms

This policy is subject to change and we invite users to check back frequently.

Your family's use of this Website /Application is conditional upon your having accepted these terms. Math Storytime is a site that families can visit and use together, and where parents and caregivers can ensure their children are safely interacting, learning and playing.

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